From SVP Systems Engineer at Major Telecom Company:

Nancy is an incredible and experienced leadership development professional and executive coach. I really appreciated her ability to use personal assessment tools, combined with her extensive executive management experience, to provide practical and effective professional and organizational advise. And she delivers it with incredible warmth and humor! I look forward to working with her in the future!

From CFO at Global Media Organization:

Nancy understands people and is an absolute pleasure to work with. As a coach with real executive experience at the highest levels, what she offers is sound support. I found her perspective to be strategic, creative, and entrepreneurial. You will always be in a better position after a talk with Nancy. She’s a positive, encouraging force and I highly recommend her.

From a Director/Dealmaker/Technologist at Major Media Association:

Meeting Nancy Stover is one of the best things that has happened to me in my entire 30+ years on this Earth. On a daily basis, in both work and life situations, I utilize the lessons, skills, strategies and general advice that I have received during my time being coached by Nancy. Nancy’s insight and thoughtfulness have left an indelible mark on my life.

Nancy’s high level experience in business– being a leader and colleague– serves her clients well in that she recognizes and evaluates the myriad of situations that one may need guidance on. Her method is a good combination of diagnostic (through use of Character Strengths Surveys, Birkman, and 360 Reviews) and holistic (where she reflects on her experience and of those she has coached). Such a method can appeal to many types of personalities.

She is a kind but stern listener. She recognizes that work and life can blend together, however she is always mindful of the focus of the relationship: to guide and coach me through the perils and plagues of a work environment. No event is too small; because they can manifest into something bigger later.

Nancy’s background as a President and CEO has clearly provided her with insight that I was able to benefit from in our sessions. During one session I was expressed displeasure about the behavior of a colleague. Nancy, due to her experience, was able to provide valuable advice on how to work with, which is different than handling, this person. I now have a healthy and positive rapport with this person.

Everyone should have a Nancy in their life, if even for a moment. You will be all the better for it.

From a Senior Leader at Major Broadcaster

Nancy has a unique ability to decipher each team member’s styles and strengths, and turn that into actionable counsel that encourages growth. As a facilitator, she naturally leads others by acknowledging areas of development and growth while focusing on using their natural strengths to avoid failure. Her direct and honest style puts people at ease and opens possibilities – possibilities of personal growth as well as team and organization development.

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