SPECIAL COVID DISCOUNT! For those of you who’ve taken the Birkman Method Survey and had a thorough interpretation session with a certified coach, I hope you’ve continued to benefit from this truly helpful and long-lasting behavioral assessment tool. No doubt, the insights we gain about ourselves and others through the Birkman can make a real difference in understanding our motivations, our underlying needs and how we can behave when we’re under stress. It’s great for individuals, and terrific for groups or teams.

Still, as good as the Birkman is, I find that combining it with the VIA Character Strengths Survey provides a more complete, robust and enlightening view into ourselves than we get with either the Birkman or the VIA alone.

The VIA survey is the brainchild of a power-group of world-renowned pioneers in Positive Psychology, with over 11 million people participating in this research project so far. 24 distinct character traits, or values, are analyzed in the VIA questionnaire. Everyone completing the VIA survey receives a report listing these 24 positive traits, based on the individual in order of strength and intensity. For everyone, their top five “Signature Strengths” are most important. For some, the top strength will be Bravery and Valor, for others Modesty and Humility. Other traits include Fairness and Equity, Kindness and Generosity, Honesty and Integrity, Social Intelligence and more.

If you are interested in increasing your team’s productivity, or you just want to focus on yourself by gaining a deeper understanding of what makes you tick, contact me and I’ll tell you more about the Birkman-VIA Killer Combo.