Back in 2002- 2004 Nancy participated in a ground-breaking global course taught by  the world-renowned leader of Positive Psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman. Along with a group of leading experts in the field — including Ben Dean and his brilliant team at MentorCoach — Seligman created a special course of study for nearly 300 students, most of whom were practitioners from related fields such as Psychiatry, Psychology and Counseling, Education and various Non Profit organizations. Nancy represented a small faction of Media and Business leaders who understood the broad benefits of applying Positive Psychology to their work… and beyond.

Thanks to the support, funding and deep involvement of the Meyerson Foundation and its VIA Institute on Character,  Seligman, Chris Peterson and others created the VIA Signature Strengths Survey. This global study continues to prosper and benefit millions of individual participants, schools and universities, organizations large and small, world-wide.

If you’d like to know more about your own individual character traits, and understand which ones drive you to your most effective, authentic, engaged self — here is a link to the VIA Signature Strengths Survey.

We have created new and exciting family coaching projects centered on the VIA Signature Strengths Survey. Please contact Nancy directly at to learn more about how this program can support your family.