Nancy Stover is an award-winning executive coach and business advisor who spent many years working with the best and brightest individuals in major media, technology and entertainment companies.  Her broad range of professional experience includes jobs and titles from entry level to CEO. From Project Manager to General Manager. From Volunteer to Board Member. From Start-Up Concept to National Roll-Out.  Or in her own words, as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. But no matter the position or title, Nancy’s interest was always in the people and in what motivates them. As an industry leader, she realized early on that “it all comes down to people” and that her most important role and responsibility was as a coach and advisor. Their success is her success.

Nancy’s deep corporate and organizational experience sets her apart from other practitioners — Her unique combination of experience at the CEO level with her passion and commitment to effective coaching guides her ongoing pursuit of deeper knowledge, training and experience in the techniques and methodologies she considers most effective with her clientele. As a certified consultant in carefully selected assessment tools such as The Birkman Method, the VIA Signature Strengths Survey and other superior instruments, Nancy approaches each organization, each individual client as a unique partnership and tailors her programs and toolkit accordingly.

If you’d like to know more about Nancy’s background, experience, and her unique approaches to coaching individuals and groups, visit the Contact Us page or write to her directly at She will be happy to speak with you to learn more about your specific interests and goals for finding the right coach for you, your team, or your organization.